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Alicante - Elche Airport Parking

The Alicante - Elche Airport is located at an approximate distance of 9 kilometers from the center of Alicante, near the municipal area of Elche. Since 1967 it also receives international traffic, considering itself a gateway to tourism in the area.

This terminal has experienced a greater growth with respect to the annual passenger volume, with around 12 million people, ranking fifth in importance in all of Spain and third in the Levant.

With this volume of passengers, and being the main international entry in the Valencian Community, it is important to take good advice regarding the parking of the Airport of Alicante - Elche, since its terminals are closed and can´t supply.

Where to park at Alicante - Elche Airport?

At the time of parking at the Airport of Alicante - Elche you have different options to do so. From the general parking, through long-stay parking or the preferred, to a large number of low-cost options that are in the vicinity of the airport.

It is important to take into account a number of aspects when choosing a car park that gives you the comfort and tranquility you need:

  • Access 24 hours, since your round trip can be in a busy hour. Regardless of the schedule, a good car park gives you access to the facilities at all times.
  • Free transportation from the parking lot to the terminal and back.
  • Double surveillance, by security personnel and cameras that capture the status of your vehicle at all times.
  • The car wash service is a plus, if you want to pay a little more to receive your gleaming vehicle, you can look at this benefit.
  • Availability of enough places so that they dedicate enough space to each vehicle, thus avoiding bad times.

The most important thing is the lowcost service's commitment to make your stay the best.

How to find a lowcost car park at the Alicante - Elche Airport?

Finding a car park at the Alicante - Elche Airport is not as complicated as you might think. In WePark we offer you a private parking with access 24 hours and maximum security. We also have other services that make our parking the ideal place.

The important thing is that you can rest assured that your car is in good hands and that it is being watched by cameras and by physical personnel at all times. If you wish we offer a mechanical assistance service, places under roof and laundry.

Enjoy our lowcost parking, you can make your reservation in advance and even calculate your rate so you do not have surprises when you arrive at the airport.

What should you avoid when choosing a lowcost car park?

In search of satisfying the demand of passengers that go to the Alicante - Elche Airport, many companies have opened in the surroundings. Get carried away by the experience, more than a parking lot we offer you a dynamic and safe environment where you can leave your vehicle.

As in everything, it is necessary to avoid false advertising or parking with dream prices, since, as well as their prices, the quality of the service is usually low and your vehicle is at risk. You do not want to lose the tranquility you bring with your trip when you return and see your car in poor condition or see that you have been treated badly.

Make sure the customer service is 24 hours, so you will not have to wait long at the airport to be picked up and able to pick up your vehicle. In WePark Group you can contact us when you want and our team will offer you professional treatment.