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> Terms & conditions on the parking service of Wepark Alicante S.L.

• Use of the parking service is at all times subject to the terms and conditions that are in acceptance of the contract and reflected on our website

• Vehicles are always placed in the car park at the expense and risk of the Client. In case of damage the Company has a liability insurance to attend to what the law will demand.

• None of the employees or agents of the Company are subject to personal or individual responsibility for any accidents, loss or damage to persons, vehicles, accessories or contents. All objects which remain inside the vehicle will be under the responsibility of the Client.

• Vehicles that are not claimed within three months following the expiration of the contract, shall be made available to the authorities in order to cover costs that may be incurred.

• The customer agrees and authorizes the staff of the Company to move the vehicle within its facilities for the performance of contracted services, vehicle washing, reviews on wheels or battery, contracted mechanical services, etc; and the necessary displacements for the execution of those other services that require it.

• The use of protective covers is the choice of the Customer, who must install and ensure correct placement.

• The customer must provide the Company information about all the movements that the vehicle will perform at least 48 hours in advance and ALWAYS via email to

• The meeting point is located at floor -2 from dock 1 to 5. If the client is ready to be collected here and the bus is not there, phone us at +34 683 457 146 or +34 965 975 922.

• Authorisation to a third person for removal of the vehicle from our facilities should always be made by the contract holder.

• Courtesy washing is always subject to the availability of the Company personnel, its technical means and weather conditions. This can not in any case be claimed as part of the obligations of this contract.

• Courtesy washing will not be made to those vehicles that advise us of their arrival in less than 48 hours.

• The storage of a vehicle in our facilities will be considered as unqualified acceptance of these conditions.

• These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and the Company with respect to the provision of contracted services.

• Making a reservation in the system you will be registered as a user , including it in our customer database for internal parking management. We also guarantee that your data will never be transferred or sold to any entity outside of WePark.

Parking law

Obligations of the parking lot holder

• According to the Vehicle Parking Contract Law (Law 40/2002, of November 14), the holder of the portfolio must respond to the damages suffered by the vehicle to the user, except for damages by people (other customers), to your car or its contents in the following cases:

• Personal damage due to poor condition or poor maintenance of the facilities. Damage to the vehicle suffered by landslides, floods due to the rupture of pipes, etc. But not those suffered by the characteristics of the open parking caused by the force of nature. Damage due to theft in the vehicle: breakage of glass, disappearance of own vehicle, etc. In the damage caused by theft, excluding all accessories of the vehicle that do not form the fixed or inseparable part of it. Any damage, except for damages caused by people, or claims of any kind, only attended as long as they are reported within our parking lot. Damage caused by theft exclude all accessories of the vehicle that do not form a fixed or inseparable part of it. Any damage, except for damages caused by people, or claims of any kind, are only attended as long as they are reported within our parking lot.

• Claim sheets are available upon request.

Obligations of the user

• The customer must remove objects and accessories that are not fixed, such as radio, mobile phones or documentation. The company is not responsible for any loss or breakage of the covers that cover the car, nor is it obliged to replace them. Presentation of the ticket or certificate is essential for the collection of the vehicle. If no ticket or certificate is shown, proof of ownership of the vehicle must be demonstrated, the company is not responsible for any use of false documentation and subsequent theft of the vehicle. For its part, the company will provide a voucher with the following data: The day and the time of entry, when it is decisive for the fixing of the price, identification of the vehicle and the driver.

• The user will be responsible to the employer and the other users for the damages caused by breach of their duties, this includes malice in the driving of the vehicle inside the premises, or opening doors with other cars nearby. The parking lot user must arrive at our premises at least 20 minutes before the check-in time. We are not responsible for your loss of flight.

• The client can share space with other clients in their transfer / pick up from / to the airport. The parking user is responsible for locating the meeting point and knowing how to return to the collection point.

Parking owner's rights

• The holder of the poster has, against any persons, a right of retention on the vehicle in the guarantee of the payment of the price of the parking. Our rates include I.V.A. The company has the right to change its rates without notice. The company and its employees will have the right to move their vehicle for the correct use of the parking spaces or any need thereof.

• For the annual contract of the company, we will never reimburse the amount of months that are not used during the contract.The owner of the car park may use the procedure provided for in Article 71 of the articulated text of the Traffic Law, when a vehicle is permanently parked in the same place of the car park for a period of time more than six months, it is presumed abandoned, or the owner is presumed to have a lack of interest in its use.

• The company reserves the right not to do the basic courtesy wash to your car, if the weather conditions were not good. In addition, the company does not accept any claim if this courtesy wash was not executed with the perfection that the client could expect.

• The company will not be responsible for any problems that your car had to start, due to mechanical failure, failure of windows, punctures or lack of battery. He agrees to help as much as possible, but does not commit to anything else, nor can he claim anything for this.

• The company will not be responsible for the loss of a separable part of the vehicle; plastic, exhaust glues, mirror glass, etc. The company reserves the right to recharge for the vehicle, despite having a reservation, when it is in bad condition. Large cars and vans (more than 4.5 meters) will pay 20% more of the price. You will be advised of this possible extra charge upon receipt of the vehicle, without prior notice. Caravans will pay an increase of 70%.

Full Parking Law:

Law 40/2002, of November 14, regulating the car park contract.